1st Anniversary of Japanese Snack Subscription Service

1st Anniversary of Japanese Snack Subscription Service "JAPANBITE"

by: Hideo Takahashi



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 On March 11th, JAPANBITE, the Japanese snack subscription service with the concept of "Casual Enjoyment, Discover Your Perfect Japan," celebrates its first anniversary since its commencement.

 Over the past year, JAPANBITE has embarked on a journey from a small idea, striving to bring Japanese Wagashi to a global audience. Establishing brand image and concept, meticulous design, and product selection have enabled us to deliver our offerings to customers in more than 10 countries worldwide.

 JAPANBITE was born from a fascination with traditional Japanese snacks and sweets called "Wagashi" in Japanese and their taste, variety, and delicate beauty. We took a new step to turn this small idea into reality one year ago. Starting from scratch with no prior achievements, our own e-commerce site, or products, we managed to shape the concept and gradually grew.

 Through a curated selection of Wagashi, we have continuously evolved to provide a taste of Japanese culture and tradition. Initially, we included simple product description leaflets along with the items. Now, we not only provide detailed product information but also include a carefully designed booklet with several additional contents to enable customers to experience Japanese culture.

JAPANBITE has grown alongside our customers, and we are grateful for the warm support that has allowed us to reach our 1st anniversary. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Moving forward, JAPANBITE will continue to evolve to bring the charm of new Wagashi to our customers. After releasing the Gluten-Free box in December 2023, we plan to introduce new lineups and service formats, so stay tuned for more exciting developments!

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to celebrating many more milestones with JAPANBITE.

Happy snacking!

Hideo Takahashi


Author Bio

Hideo Takahashi

Hideo Takahashi

Born in Tokyo in 1990. Founder of JAPANBITE and CEO of its operating company, GRID Start, Ltd.
Established the company in 2023 after being a consultant of IT infrastructure.
Inspired by his travels to 15 countries and a deep love for Japanese food, he launched a service to contribute to small local Japanese manufacturers' businesses and allow many foreigners to enjoy Japanese culture.

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