Woman in a traditional Japanese kimono smiling and holding an open Japanbite gift box filled with various snacks and tea packages, against an orange background.

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We deliver Japanese culture to the world every month by packing Japanese sweets and tea made with traditional Japanese methods. We offer products that are not usually sold in supermarkets or convenience stores.

We have also started offering gluten-free and vegetarian products to meet the needs of various customers for Japanese snacks.

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Various Japanese gift boxes and tea packages displayed on a red surface, featuring traditional designs and colorful packaging.
Assortment of Japanese snacks, including KitKat, matcha-flavored biscuits, and various other packaged treats.
Only available in specialty stores and department stores. Available anywhere, supermarkets and convenience stores.
Taste of Japan, Taste of Tradition in style. Spread to the world and tastes almost the same.
More natural ingredients, fewer additives, and is healthier. Often contains preservatives, colorants, and lots of sugar.
Deeply connected to Japanese culture and traditions. Popular, but with little cultural value. Everyday snack.
High quality with many traditional methods of handcrafting by artisans. Mass production in factories, often with inexpensive ingredients. 
Beautiful appearance of the craftsmanship like a work of art. Having common, colorful designs, emphasizing ease and fun.
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“Not just a way to enjoy a simple snack time, but also a Japanese cultural experience with fancy packaging and a guidebook!”