JAPANBITE Announces A Series of Exciting Updates: New Website, Expanded Collections, and More

by: Hideo Takahashi



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Tokyo Japan, 1 Sep 2023 - Japanese cultural and culinary promoter, JAPANBITE is thrilled to announce the renewal of its cross-border e-commerce website, reinforcing its commitment to promoting the finest of Japanese culinary delights to a global audience.

Featured Updates

1. Refreshed Website Design

Our website has undergone a comprehensive renewal, boasting a sleek and user-friendly interface. With improved navigation, vibrant visuals, and seamless usability, our customers will enjoy an enriched online experience.

2. Expanded Product Offerings

We are pleased to announce that we have increased the variety of products we offer. In addition to "Start your journey to Japan," a subscription product line consisting of casual products that are easy for foreigners to eat, two additional collections are now available for a single purchase: "Healthy, Tasty, Fun!" featuring healthier products, and "Arty Tea Time" featuring products with more attractive packaging and artwork of the confectionery itself. Each theme is thoughtfully crafted to showcase the depth of Japanese culinary artistry.

3. Introduction of Monthly Subscriptions

JAPANBITE started as a two-month cycle subscription service, but due to popular demand, we are now offering a monthly subscription service. This will allow our customers to have a taste of Japan at their doorstep on a regular basis and never miss out on the latest and finest in Japanese gastronomy.

4. A New Brand Identity

In line with our commitment to growth and evolution, we have introduced a new service logo and a new service color. Inspired by the Kanji character "楽" symbolizing "ease" and our brand name "bite", the logo embodies the spirit of casual culinary adventures with ease, offering a familiar yet exciting visual identity.


5. Dive Deeper with Our Blog

Engage with our freshly launched blog that promises insights into the world of Japanese culture, food, traditions, tourist sites, and more. From articles on the intricacies of Japanese cuisine to preparation tips and cultural stories, there's something for every person who wants to experience Japanese culture.

6. Special Launch Campaign

To celebrate our series of updates, we're offering a limited-time 30% off campaign. It's our way of saying thank you for being on this journey with us, and welcoming new customers to the JAPANBITE experience.

Join the Culinary Adventure

Our goal at JAPANBITE has always been to bridge the gap between authentic Japanese craftsmen and food enthusiasts worldwide. With this renewal, we aim to elevate that experience, making it even easier for customers to dive into the tastes of Japan, no matter where they are.



Launched in March 2023 by GRID Start, Ltd., led by CEO/Founder Hideo Takahashi in Tokyo, Japan, JAPANBITE is a premier cross-border e-commerce service dedicated to introducing and promoting the rich diversity of Japanese foods to the international market. With products ranging from traditional staples to modern innovations, JAPANBITE promises authenticity, quality, and an unmatched culinary journey. Japanese snacks and sweets subscription box on its website as of September 2023.

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