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  • Wasabi Peanuts

    Wasabi Peanuts

    Wasabi-flavored peanuts are made by savory roasting peanuts and seasoned with wasabi-flavored seasoning. They have a tangy, spicy, savory flavor and are also popular as a snack with alcoholic beverages.

    Taste: Savory
    Common Allergies: Dairy,

  • Yuzu Habutae

    Yuzu Habutae

    Yuzu Habutae kneaded with yuzu and sprinkled with wasanbon sugar. It is a bite-sized, easy-to-eat Habutae-mochi. You can enjoy the elastic texture of the mochi and the sweetness of wasanbon, and as you chew, the yuzu flavor gradually spreads throughout your mouth, leaving a refreshing aftertaste.

Common Allergies: Soy
    Maker: Sasaya Iori

  • Matcha Langue de chat

    Matcha Langue de chat

    A mixture of Japanese taste and Western confectionery. High-quality Uji matcha green tea, selected by an experienced tea master, is lavishly used. The chocolate is placed between thinly baked cookies with an exquisite texture, giving the confectionery a strong matcha taste and an elegant flavor.

    Taste: Sweet
    Common Allergies: Dairy, Egg, Wheat, Soy
    Maker: Uji-en

  • Ageshio rice cracker

    Ageshio rice cracker

    Crunchy rice crackers fried in sunflower oil and the mild saltiness enhances the sweetness of the Miyakogane mochi rice. The mild saltiness enhances the sweetness of the Miyakogane mochi rice.

    Taste: Savory
    Common Allergies: -
    Maker: Akebono

  • Cotton Candy Sakura Milk

    Cotton Candy Sakura Milk

    This confectionary allows you to enjoy the flavor of cherry blossoms in cotton candy, and comes in a cute package with a Japanese-style pattern design on the outside. The fragrant cherry blossom cotton candy is combined with Japanese cherry blossom leaves and mildly flavored with Hokkaido milk.

    Taste: Sweet
    Common Allergies:Dairy
    Maker: Zarame

  • Kakitane Seafood Rice Crackers

    Kakitane Seafood Rice Crackers

    The kakitane seafood flavor is a rice cracker with the taste of seafood locked in and accented with pepper. It is a delicious combination of the strong flavor of seafood and the addictive salty sauce taste. The sesame oil used removes the unique fishy smell of seafood but enhances the flavor.

    Taste: Savory
    Common Allergies:Dairy, Wheat, Mackerel, Soy, Pork, Sesame, fish sauce
    Maker: Kakitane Kitchen

  • Apple Komachi

    Apple Komachi

    White bean paste filled with lightly sour grated apple is injected with thick custard cream, wrapped in pie crust and baked. This combination of apples and custard is a perfect match of light sweetness and sourness.

    Taste: Sweet
    Common Allergies: Dairy, Wheat,
    Egg, Soy, Apple, Honey
    Maker:Ragueneau Sasaki

  • Nihonbashi Manju

    Nihonbashi Manju

    Delicious manju with milk-flavored white bean paste wrapped in soft dough. With its moist and gentle texture, it is a popular product among people of all ages, and goes well with green tea and coffee as well.

    Taste: Sweet
    Common Allergies: Dairy, Egg, Wheat, Soy
    Maker: Eitaro

  • Konpeito


    Colorful konpeito packed in a convenient zipper bag. Kunpeito is a traditional Japanese confectionery with an elegant sweetness and a texture that melts in your mouth. You can enjoy a variety of flavors such as lemon, grape, and soda.

    Taste: Sweet
    Common Allergies: -
    Maker: Hitsujiya

  • Hojicha roasted green tea

    Hojicha roasted green tea

    Enjoy the authentic aroma of roasted green tea as if it were served in a Japanese teapot with the roasted tea bags made from high quality ingredients.How to brew roasted tea: Place the tea bag in a large mug, pour in hot water, and wait 30 seconds. Shake the tea bag 4-5 times and slowly pull it up.

    Taste: Tea
    Common Allergies: -
    Maker: Shohokuen

  • Hachijuhachiya Green Tea

    Hachijuhachiya Green Tea

    Morihan's Green Tea is made of carefully selected tea leaves blended by one of Japan's best tea masters to create a refreshing balance of green tea's original umami and astringency. Hachijuhachiya means 88 nights, and the tea is picked and produced around the 88th day after Risshun(Feb 4th), which is said to be the most delicious time of the year.

    Taste: Tea
    Common Allergies: -
    Maker: Morihan

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